1959 born in Maasbommel, a small village on the river Maas in the land of Maas and Waal, The Netherlands.

1977/78 art academy in Den Bosch.

1978/83, theatre design, at that time it was called set and costume design for stage and television/movies at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. 1984 six months work experience in Colombia, worked at the teatro experimental de Cali (T.E.C), was a teacher, decor design at the art academy in Cali, designed a decor for the T.E.C for a play of Enrique Buenaventura also directed by him.

Created freehand drawings principally using pastels. Set design, for a play by the `speeltheater´ from Edam, the Netherlands, writer Sinie van Iterson.

Dutch children's books writer Sinie van Iterson who lived in Bogota met and worked with her on the stage design . Director, Rense Rooyaart of ´het werkteater´ Amsterdam.

1985 Amsterdam, rented a part of an old factory and changed it into a modern artistic working space Zaagmolenstraat 25, Amsterdam .

1986 and 1995 I painted and worked as a set designer  for photographers , tv producers, advertising and video clips.

1999 Moved to Andalucia .

In 2002, in addition to giving drawing / painting lessons to children in kindergarten and primary school, I started guiding customers after purchasing their house.

At the time, my work consisted of designing new layouts for the houses that were usually to be restored or built. Working together with local architects, technical draughtsmen and contractors we managed to create the best solutions for their wish to live in Spain .

2003 Started a bed and breakfast in a part of my house. 

2004 Renovated, furnished and marketed a self catering house El Zueco.

2005 Founded HR Contractors together with my brother.

2007 From this year I started making stained glass windows.

The idea came to my mind because the village houses are generally very dark and it is usually not allowed to change the outer facades. In order to make optimal use of the natural light, I thought it would be a good solution to use stained glass in the doors and walls so that there is no compromise on privacy whilst allowing extra natural light to travel deeper into the house.

After having invited Karel van den Biggelaar, a dutch glass artist , to give a masterclass with 4 other fellow students, I knew this was a profession that suited me .

To be allowed , to make an applied work  what content; empathize with the wishes of the customer, taking into account where the window should be, what the light is like, the interior design of the house, the type of glass and colors, the budget and based on this data I usually make three designs to scale . Then making the window by possibly painting the glass and putting it in lead. This way of working suits me and everything comes together that I had already opted for in my actual profession as a set designer at the age of 18.

In 2009 I followed a course on glass painting with Janet Parson in Carboneras, Almeria, which opened up many more possibilities. 

And in 2016  advanced painting on glass course with Peliglass in Zoetermeer , the Netherlands.

2017  Renovated, furnished and marketed a self catering studio ´ El Tulipan ´.

My father was a basket maker, my great-grandfather was a tailor, so I think it is in my genes to be a craft woman.

On the recommendation of the local glass dealers, I have been able to make many windows on commission since I started .

I have been so fortunate to receive private assignments in Spain, the Netherlands and Scotland windows have now been installed. A number of these works can be seen in the photos under commissioned works on this website. 

Thank you for visiting my page I hope you are going to like what you see . 

Un cordial saludo, Helma