ver la luz _  el zueco y el tulipán

taller de vidrieras artísticas   _  temporanea studio/casa de campo y apartamento

I welcome you to my website.

My name is Helma van Rijsingen,

since 2007 I make stained glass windows and the name of the company is VER LA LUZ. 

I also have a contemporary studio / house EL ZUECO, and an apartment EL TULIPAN to rent out.


With this website I would like to keep you informed of my activities in the workshop and inform you

about the possibility of renting the house EL ZUECO or the apartment EL TULIPAN. 

In the house as wel as in the apartment you can see my work , stained glass, paintings, drawings and designs.

These two activities are mixed for example, there is the possibility to rent the house/apartment and join the workshop;

Learn to make stained glass. (more information; workshop VER LA LUZ)

how the page works;


For some stained glass windows I made a GALLERY VER LA LUZ, in which you will see the individual window in the whole

process, for example where the stained glass window should go, the design, details of the window and the result of the window at its final place.

Some stained glass windows are a brief description of how the design is formed.

For a quick view of the stained glass I refer you to; PRESENTATION works -VER LA LUZ.

For other designs and drawings GALLERY designs-VER LA LUZ.


To get an impression of the house EL ZUECO consult GALLERY EL ZUECO.

Photos of the area that will be seen in the photobook EL ZUECO.


Opened  july 2016

To get an impression of the apartment ´EL TULIPÁN´ consult GALLERY EL TULIPAN.

I wish you a lot of fun when viewing the website,

A cordial greeting,